The Brooklyn Dodgers Series

By John R. Tunis

  • Release Date : 2013-11-18
  • Genre : Sports & Recreation
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The Brooklyn Dodgers Series A special edition of three of John R. Tunis’s novels about the Brooklyn Dodgers, engrossing stories of integrity and strength against all odds
In The Kid from Tomkinsville, Roy Tucker—a small-town kid from Tomkinsville, Connecticut—has quit his job at the drugstore and packed up for Dodgers training camp in Clearwater, Florida, hoping to make the team as a rookie pitcher. He expects the field to be competitive and realizes he might not pass muster, but after just one practice, he discovers just how difficult a goal he has set. But the Dodgers are an aging team, and owner Jack MacManus is getting tired of the smart remarks from sports reporters and the manager of the rival Giants, Bill Murphy. With a little coaching and encouragement from Dave Leonard, the oldest catcher in the big leagues, this kid from Tomkinsville might be just what the team needs.
In Keystone Kids, the Brooklyn Dodgers have been flagging, dropping through the ranks as the Pittsburgh Pirates take the league. When a scout brings Spike and Bob Russell up from the minor leagues, the “Keystone Kids” quickly prove their worth. With Spike at shortstop and Bob at second base, the future starts to look a little brighter—but Spike sees the slumping team begin to fall apart again the following year. Exasperated and tired of being in last place, owner Jack MacManus unexpectedly promotes Spike to manager, hoping to shake his team of its losing habit.
And in World Series, the Brooklyn Dodgers have finally made it to the World Series, after years of losing seasons and disappointments. Roy Tucker, the kid from Tomkinsville, is excited about the series, and also about the prospect of a little extra money to send home to his grandmother in Connecticut. The Cleveland Indians are now all that stands between the Dodgers and their first-ever championship. But this seven-game series could be the longest they’ve ever played, plagued by injuries, setbacks, and early losses. Will Tucker and his Brooklyn teammates finally have their moment of glory?
“[The] large cast of characters . . . find themselves caught in the unpredictable excitement of the game itself that the author so brilliantly realizes.” —School Library Journal
“When those hypothetical historians of the next century begin to investigate the sports world of our day they will do well to turn to the works of John Tunis. . . . [The] theme of sportsmanship in the fuller sense rings clearly through its racing prose—a challenge to young Americans who must all answer in one form or another the issue which it presents.” —The New York Times
John R. Tunis (1889–1975) was a novelist and sportswriter best remembered for his series of novels about the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1940s and ’50s. Born in Boston, Tunis graduated from Harvard University and then served in the Army during World War I. He began writing sports columns in 1925 and was soon contributing to dozens of publications, including the New YorkerReader’s DigestEsquire, and the Saturday Evening Post. A tennis player himself, Tunis broadcast the first Wimbledon match to air in the United States in 1934.