A Friend Who Writes Novel


  • Release Date : 2014-10-24
  • Genre : Culture, Places & People
  • FIle Size : 8.81 MB


A Friend Who Writes Novel Synopsis and introduction of novel 

I used Google Translator, so this book is written in Broken English. If you want, you can read original Korean version.

It is a growth novel which use the metaphor of the Japanese colonial era, dealing with the trouble of high school students’ dream and reality. It will expand Damien, Don Quixote, Peter Pan, a variety of classic is quoted & parody. 

Was a general class [Jade] come in to class with excellent Become a senior in high school. I promise that there will not abandon the literature that meets the advisor [Claude]. To welcome as a member of the third and now formed the Literary Society in care had fallen into a rut when it is the death of [Mr. Doh], confidence is missing the [Samuel]. 
Between, a series of incidents of half that is absorbed in writing and this [Jade] research occurs. [Edward] 's began harassed from [Harold]. However, a member of the Literary Society is only stand in the position occasionally bystanders, perpetrators in ignorance about this. Received up to bullying [Edward], [Jade] is faced guilt at that time by performing the transfer of schools eventually. [Edward] to come to this school a few days later, it was full of revenge. Saw the figure [Jade], and regret the past it was cowardly to reality.